While my husband and I were in the U.K. (post on that coming soon!), we thought it might be nice to take a little break from the rainy weather and see a movie. I had been wanting to see CoCo since its release and was surprised it was still in theaters.

Guys, this movie was SO much more than I expected. It was positively wonderful and had my husband and I BOTH in tears.

The color and animations are breathtaking and the story is so heartwarming. CoCo is all about family and that really resonates with me. I was extremely close with my grandmother and lost her a little over a year ago. I love the idea of our loved ones who’ve passed on visiting us one night a year — how amazing would that be? This gringa will definitely be celebrating Dia de los Muertos this year!

I encourage anyone reading to watch CoCo and make sure to include the family. Don’t forget a box of tissues and be prepare to feel all the feels!

Hasta la proxima,