Dealing with Unsupportive Friends & Family

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I think many of us have been there. We’re excited about something new in our life and  when we tell a close friend or relative, they are surprisingly unenthusiastic.

It sucks. I have been in that place many times. I have learned to reserve my accomplishments and innovative ideas for myself and a very select few.

I’ll never forget when I first began seriously perfecting my craft in photography back in 2009 (although, my interest in it dates back much further).  I have always been a creative person, so for me, I felt natural behind the lens. For a few others, they assumed I was simply jumping on the “everyone’s a photographer now because they have a nice camera” bandwagon. This definitely wasn’t the case for me. I was simply at a point in my life where I could finally afford a professional camera. But alas, I could not control what others thought.

I continued to take photos anyway, regardless of the ill-wishers and the one-uppers. Above all else, I enjoy it! I cannot tell you the amount of times I offered to take photos for someone I knew who was actively searching for a photographer and they opted to go with the more expensive, “professional” photographer, without even looking at my portfolio! It definitely hurt my feelings to say the least. I knew I was good at what I did and all I needed was someone to give me a chance. Naturally, I figured my friends and family would support me the most, but to my surprise, it was mostly complete strangers who would contact me through my website or social media accounts showing interest in my craft. So many friends had expected me to support their endeavors but yet, had no desire in supporting mine.

So you might ask why so many people in my circle were unsupportive of my dream? Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for that. Sometimes people are just people. They may be envious, not really care, OR think I’m completely talent-less. But none of that really matters. What matters is how I feel. I’ve continued on with my photography and professional writing journey for quite some time now. I learn new things all the time. I know that as long as I continue doing what I love, I will truly have something to show for it one day (hopefully sooner than later!).






Why it’s Not Okay to Tell People How to Live

It’s one thing to give someone helpful and wanted advise on life, but totally not cool to tell someone they’re living theirs the wrong way.

I don’t know about you guys, but when someone tells me I shouldn’t be doing something because it’s not how THEY do it, I immediately shut off my ability to listen to them.

Remember, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

A great example of this is food. Right now the current fad is to tell everyone how they should and shouldn’t eat. Everyone loves to be a food nazi. People who attempt to push their diet on others fail to realize that not everyone has the same metabolic system. What works for Joe may not work for Bob. Joe may have facts and statistics to back his claim, but guess what? So does Bob.

It’s been my observation that most people who go around preaching at others have their own skeletons lurking around in the closet. So unless you want be upfront and transparent from the get-go, you should probably reconsider judging and critiquing someone’s life choices to avoid said person doing the same to you.

You can apply this knowledge to almost anything – politics, religion, etc. Just because someone believes or feels differently from you doesn’t make them a horrible person. If you truly feel that way, then maybe you’re the horrible person. Just a thought.

Bottom line: variety is the spice of life. Not everyone can or should be the same because what a boring world that would be!

Try to be tolerant, and as always, keep being you.

Ashley xx