Why I Started this Blog

I have been an avid blogger (and reader) for several years now. Previous blogs that unfortunately make me cringe will remain tucked away in the inter webs. Today I start fresh; new. My life is completely different than how it was. I am somewhat of a completely new person. Lately I’ve been full of ideas, truths, and brand new revelations. For whatever reason, I never felt worthy enough to share them in the past. That changes now.

Hey, I am just as good as the next guy. I know things, too. I have to be honest – I am tired of being the girl who hides and never allows others to really see the true me. I have always shy’d away from my talents and abilities. In recent years, I have come to the realization that it’s okay to expose your God-given gifts to others. Perhaps I can be an inspiration for so many who were like me — afraid to be themselves.

From now on, I will not apologize for being me or for having a well-utilized brain.

For this blog, I plan to share my lifestyle, thoughts; whatever suits my fancy  with any intrigued reader. If I can provide an escape for just one person, then I will have met my blogging goal.

Please enjoy!


Most Sincere,




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